used luxury cars in chicago

Used cars are seen as the real trend. Most people go for Certified Pre Owned cars they offer better deals than the used cars. However, proper planning is required while buying a CPO car. There are also various mistakes which buyers tend to make while buying used cars. There are some myths and mistakes which are making the round while buying used cars like bmw dealership chicago.

Purchase Inspections has no standardization

The prime reason for buyers to purchases used car with existing faults is because they are unable to determine the exact condition of all the systems and components of the car. Some components need to check after a few days of driving, in order to know their true condition. There are no pre-purchase inspections (PPI) standards and thus, any dealer or auto technician could falsely claim that they have performed PPI. It is important to note that not all Automotive Technicians are qualified to perform full PPI.

Verbal statements are not enforceable in court

Many customers buy a bad used car as they are told by the seller that the car has gone through pre-purchase inspections. This, however, cannot be trusted unless they are any physical report. Many salespeople dupe the customers by telling them false information about the car such as the car has never met an accident, no inspection is required and many other false statements. If you think that you can pull the salesperson to the court, then it might be difficult as any verbal statement about the condition of the car by the seller will not be enforceable in the court.

used luxury cars in chicago

Vehicle History Reports

Most sellers do not show all the vehicle accidents on the report. Thus, you cannot truly trust the history report about the condition of the car. Most of the existing mechanical problems or the previous repairs qualitycannot be determined by the history report. This all can be done by the professional pre-purchase inspection who can tell you about the required repairs, damage and other early accident damages. However, a clean history report does not necessarily mean that the used car is good.

Certified Vehicles

There isn’t any quality standard for the inspection of a car to be deemed as truly Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) car. The standards of certification, inspection and warranties depends on the dealer and may vary. In case of warranty, the buyer must ask the dealer about the systems which are covered and for what period of time. You still need a professional pre-purchase inspection for the determination of the existing problems which the warranty does not cover.


These are some of the basic mistakes which if you can avoid, you can get a very good goal of certified pre-owned cars. Some salesperson is always on the lookout to drain as much money as they can from the pocket of the buyers.