Do you want to pursue your career as a programmer

Each and every industry be it Aviation, Hospitals, Supply Chain Management, Quality Assurance etc., are maintaining their records via Blockchain. Therefore, Blockchain programmers are in great demand.

 Before starting off your career as a Blockchain programmer, you must first research on Blockchain technology and what it is all about. A Blockchain technology is a database technology where there are list of records linked to one another using cryptography. It contains blocks of information and the data stored are permanent.

Therefore, you can pretty well understand that your wish of becoming a Blockchain programmer can be fulfilled only when you have mastered in the computer languages like C++, Python, JAVA, C# etc. Not only this technology, all other technologies are based on the basic languages.

Thus, to be an expert you must remember

  • You must learn computer science and its various programming languages
  • Networking is a must
  • Web based technologies as in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, fullstack technology is a must
  • You must ne thorough with the concept of Data structures including Stack, Tree Queue. Linked List etc.

Blockchain is more a framework than a technology. The data stored in Blockchain is decentralized and it uses distributed networking. There is no specific language for Blockchain technology. You must know how to write program with the basic languages and also hoe and when to use them in designing the Blockchain.

As a programmer you must know which Blockchain you want to develop. The two most popular platforms for developing Blockchain are – Ethereum and NEO.

If you Google the terms NEO and Ethereum, you will get to know that both platforms allow dApps(decentralized applications.).

You can build NEO dApps using common programming languages as in C# and JAVA whereas Ethereum dApps has its own language called Solidity. Solidity is quite similar to C++ and JAVA.


We have discussed enough on Blockchain technology, programming languages used etc. I think above discussions must have given you an idea that to be a programmer for any technology you must be well versed not only with how to write programs but also how networking works. Since Blockchain deals to storing and retrieving data, you must also have knowledge on Data Structures i.e, the method of storing data. For inserting or updating or deleting data, you must have a basic understanding of how the programming changes for a STACK, a QUEUE and a LINKED LIST.