pool tile cleaning cost

If you are one of those lucky ones with their own backyard pool, chances are it will be one of your prized possessions. A pool brings family and friends together and super great for those parties. However, owning a pool will have its own accompanying responsibilities. A pool will need regular maintenance so as to keep the water clear and safe to swim in. A pool without proper maintenance can lead to serious health issues and thousands of dollars of cost in repair and maintenance if not properly maintained.

 Water Parameters

A pool will need to be checked chemically twice every week in the summer. This is the ideal scenario as water parameters will very quickly change during the summer months because of the sun and heat. There are testing kits available for this and this will keep your water sparkling clean and algae free. Also, remember that chlorine in the water will only be at its peak effectivity by maintaining a PH level of about 7.5 – this means that Chlorine will be 50%-60% active. Keeping the acidity level at these numbers will allow you to maximize the Chlorine that is already in the pool. It is also very important to test for water hardness every month. Hard water will cause clogged pipes due to calcification. A pro tip, put in chemicals that you need after the sun has set, they will be way more effective.

pool tile cleaning cost

Filters and Physical Build up Cleaning

Lint and hair baskets that catch lint, hair and other physical debris get collected in a basket before the water reaches the pumps. This needs to be cleaned and checked regularly as this can get clogged fairly easily. Not taking care of this will result in poor water circulation and potentially hundreds of dollars just to repair the damage. Another mistake that pool owners make is not cleaning the tiles often enough that it gets calcified-thereby requiring a specialist to take them off. Algae also propagate on tiles and the more regularly you clean them the fewer algae problems you will have at no pool tile cleaning cost at all.

The Flow

Filters require water flow to work if your pumps are not running at their optimum operational speed, you will not get the results that you need resulting in cloudy and unclean water. Circulation is the key to a low maintenance pool. With good circulation, you save a ton of money on hassling maintenance jobs that would require professionals to handle.