free Gantt chart software

We cannot ignore an increasing role of the project planning tools happening in today’s project-oriented world that we live in. Thing is that the whole world relies on various project management methodologies, Waterfall and Agile are some of them. Additionally, every methodology relies on the certain set of tools. For instance, methodologies such as Waterfall are rightly visualized with help of the Gantt charts tool. You might know what the free Gantt chart software is. However, let us assume you aren’t sure if it’s the good fit for your company.

Benefits of the Gantt charts Software

Probably you have not realized how much powerful the Gantt chart software is for the project planning or management purposes as the project management software. There are some universal features that work for majority of the projects out there. Of course, there’re a few ad-hoc settings, which Gantt chart may easily solve.

Visualizing the big picture

The core advantages of using the Gantt chart are it includes project-related details in simple-to-understand place. Suppose you pay close attention to all details when making the schedule, make sure – you won’t miss out anything thanks to the highly visualized timeline. You also get the overview filled with critical details such as dates, tasks, assignees, and more.

free Gantt chart software


One core benefit of employing Gantt chart software is it enables breaking down big projects in the smaller tasks, which are very simple to manage. Just imagine, you have the huge project. Even though you know exactly what to do, and you are afraid to deal with the long-term tasks. There’re some reasons for it. Firstly, every piece of work must achieve some goals and estimated. You will not argue that the short-term tasks actually have vivid goals. Next, psychologically it’s very simple to work on the tasks with the shorter time frame. The Gantt chart helps when your project scope is complex and wants to break this down to see the entire picture and risks. Most likely, it can be a bit complicated to create every sprint of Agile project. However, if you want the full project plan, then it works really well.

Progress tracking

When manager tracks down progress, there’s the full understanding on how the project is developing: if it is before or going as planned. If there are a few progress problems, then managers or any team members may easily dive in current state to solve any issues.