A lot of you girls out there are fond of decorating your nails where you spend hours at your room or at nail salons to get a regular manicure and pedicure. Maybe you are also familiar with the different types of nail polish that you can use.

However, have you tried using a semi-permanent nail polish before? If not, then you should keep reading this post because let us discuss why you should start using it now and start ditching that regular nail polish that easily chips and cracks just a few days after it was applied to your nails.


In fact, a lot of women around the world now prefer to use semi-permanent nail polish rather than sticking to regular nail polish for many reasons, and some of it is that it can be used to be as an enameled polish that is more durable and very easy to apply.

So, why should you start using semi-permanent nail polish or Esmalteuñassemipermanente? To find out more, read the rest of this post.

  1. Lasts longer on your nails– You are no longer required to retouch your nail polish every week or even a few days after you applied it because regular nail polish can easily be removed especially if you scratch your nails on a surface, however, semi-permanent enamel nail polishes lasts longer than the latter which is why a lot of women purchase these nowadays than a regular nail polish because semi-permanent enamel nail polishes are made from ingredients that are designed to last longer than a regular nail paint.
  2. It continues to innovate– The concept of semi-permanent nail polish has changed tremendously in recent years just to make you fully aware of it. This is not limited anymore by using different materials and substances to make it more resistant to anything that comes with it which is why it is harder for it to remove compared to regular nail polish, perfect for women who do not want to change nail colors for a long time.
  3. Tougher than your regular nail polish– Women usually by a semi-permanent enamel and use them at your home with a base that is made from gel because this will make your nails to become more durable and will achieve that natural lasting effect on it. There are many ways to apply semi-permanent nail polishes, for best results, you should apply a particular kind of enamel that gives its superb result when it is used as a gel base.
  4. Provides you a more natural appearance– You can achieve a more natural look considering that the base gel of the semi-permanent enamel nail polish is capable of providing that natural color and look and it is also available always in cosmetic shops where you can buy a full kit of it and start decorating your nails like some standards that salons and nail spas follow.