The electrical system is as important as its components. One of the easy ways to increase the system’s reliability and performance is by using battery relay to switch devices on and off. A relay is an electro-mechanical switch. An electromagnet or coil is used to pull multiple contacts or pins together. Maybe you are wondering why you need a relay. Why not use an on/off switch instead? Here are the reasons why.

The Importance Of A Battery Relay

Ensures That Devices Perform At Its Best.

When you have a correctly wired relay, it will be able to provide the shortest electrical path between the battery and the device that is controlled by the relay. When combined with a proper gauge wire, this will minimize the voltage drop between the battery and the device. Therefore, this will allow it to function at peak performance levels.

Easy Control For Multiple Devices.

Battery relays will also allow you to control a number of devices by using a single switch like a master ignition switch for example. When you only have a single switch to turn off, it is safer during emergency situations. Aside from that, it will be more convenient as well. If you want your system to look clean, you can use a single switch and multiple relays instead of bulky switches. When you are using a battery relay, this will allow you to use the proper size fuse for every device and to place the fuses closer to the battery.

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