Make a full body scrub before tanning. Thanks to this, you will remove the dead, calloused epidermis and smooth the skin. Add a bit of your favorite oil to the peeling to further moisturize the skin and give it a sunny glow. Peeling strengthens and rejuvenates the skin because it stimulates the processes of its renewal and regeneration. The skin condition also improves because the cosmetics used after peeling can penetrate deeper and work stronger. Removing dead epidermis cells has an immediate effect: it brightens and brightens the complexion, gently narrows the pores,  tanning injections for sale the skin becomes smoother and tenser. In addition, by removing keratinized epidermis, you get rid of old, superficial discolorations and make your tan evener.

Moisturizing is the basis for tanning

Before you decide on intensive tanning, remember to thoroughly and systematically moisturize the skin. You will get beautiful and even tan only on properly smoothed, soft, and supple skin. Give up tanning of those parts of the body where disturbing changes appeared: irritation, rashes and allergic reactions, as well as fresh wounds. On the one hand, remember  tanning injections for sale to drink at least 2 liters of fluid during the day, and on the other hand, give your skin gentle care with cosmetics that will strengthen and seal its natural hydrolipid coat.

Sunbathe actively and move a lot

Instead of lying on a towel, run, play volleyball and walk on the beach. The body in motion tans evenly and from all sides. However, remember that when playing sports on the beach you should wear a hat or hat and drink plenty of water. During exercise, sweat intensively, and the head warms up strongly. Keep safety in mind if you want to avoid stroke and dehydration.

Change your swimsuit often

Choose a cut that will not leave any marks on the straps or interfere with the type of neckline you wear. Thanks to this, you will avoid unburnt stripes on your body.

Sunburn and descending skin after sunbathing


Sometimes, however, that despite good preparation on our skin, there are sunburns, as well as the problem of the skin coming off the face after sunbathing. This is a very unpleasant experience, so it’s worth learning how to deal with daily skincare in this case. So what to do when the skin comes off after sunbathing?

When there is a burn of the skin, at first, you should do nothing but deep moisturize the skin and patiently wait until the irritation and redness disappear by themselves – damaged by intensive tanning of the epidermis first he must peel himself so that he can finally return to his previous state. However, this process should not be accelerated – in this way, we can only worsen the condition of the skin and extend its healing time. At this stage, it is worth using intensively moisturizing and soothing preparations with cooling properties to deal with the pain and redness of the skin faster.

When the irritation and redness completely disappear, we can deal with the problem of skin gliding after tanning. In this case, a good peeling will be necessary, which will help exfoliate dead skin cells, as well as a regenerating lipid balm, which will help to rebuild the natural hydrolipid layer of the skin faster.