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Marketing is a business move where one is highly involved in the promotion of certain products and services. Every business needs marketing. With all the steep competition these days, a business needs marketing and a good one too because if they don’t, most likely they will easily be eaten by the competition. Marketing isn’t simply just about compliance, it has some elements that you should consider in order to be successful.

These elements are the key to a successful marketing project. There is no secret to marketing just awareness on what is needed in order to have a successful one. The goal is simple, to make the target audience become aware that the company and the product exist. Sell the product, to make people realize that they need that in their lives. Basically trying to make sense of it all.

The why: You need to answer the “why?”. Why should people buy it? Why should people listen to you? Why should people be interested in the product? Those questions need to be answered by any post, commercial or any gimmick. It has to make sense.  Surely you already encountered a product before that was so bad that you thought it wouldn’t be good but surprisingly it did, why? because they marketers made people realize that buying one is important. They answered the question “why?”.

animation company

The maintenance: Marketing isn’t a “one-time big-time deal”. Every day a lot of marketing stuff is being put out, with that, you need to respond as well too. Part of that growing “marketing stuff” is solely because of the world wide web. The internet offers a big platform with billions of visitors and exposures at a lesser cost. Marketing is so cheap nowadays that not having one is just plain laziness.

The edge: If the “why” has been answered, it also needs to have an edge. It should answer the question “what makes you better versus the competition?”. This is an easy answer but this needs to be conveyed properly because if the execution is bad its still going to be a failed marketing. A good example of that is Apple, Apple has been the top company with regard to technology, they are the leader in innovation. But their tech is hard to repair, overpriced and doesn’t have the best specs and the best features around and despite that, they still lead the tech world, why? Because of proper execution of the “why?” and they offer their edge in a “makes sense” fashion.

Marketing is essential to business because it allows businesses to be profitable. With the growing number of companies today, each are expected to perform in order not to get eaten by the competition. Their products has to be good and more importantly it has to answer the “why?”, it has to feature their edge over the competition and it has to be maintained. One of the most popular marketing delivery today is animation and if you’re looking for an animation company, check out