Last year, the rich became a little more precious: the number of people with super-high wealth – assets with assets of $ 30 million or more – increased to 226,450, or 3.5%.

Besides, Wealth-X, a wellness research firm, reports that the total well-being of these people increased by 1.5% to $ 27 billion in 2016.

The North America region came in first on the list: wealth increased by 5.1%, and Asia ranked second, and wealth grew by 3.5%.

The Associated Press recently reported that the average total compensation for CEOs in 2016 was $ 11.5 million, which is 8.5% more than in 2015 and is the most significant increase since 2013.

Tight money

With almost all updates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we are told that the labor market has never been so strong and that unemployment has declined. Even the least known underemployment index is in constant decline.

And I will give them more people who want to work to have them.

But many of these jobs do not pay for what they need, so people pay their bills and save money for the next disaster, such as a recession.\

Approximately 61% reported that they could not save costs in six months.

In too many metropolitan areas, most households with two earnings try to make ends meet with a gross annual income of $ 100,000 and a monthly budget of $ 8,333, reports.


While the average household spends 75% of its salary on monthly expenses, of the 381 cities there are at least 11 metropolitan cities, where 90% of monthly income goes to necessary monthly fees.

Besides, reports that only 1 in 25 major cities in the US. The US, Washington, DC, households with average incomes can buy a new car at an average price (approximately $ 35,000).

Creating savings on a rainy day can significantly change the way a household survives the next economic downturn. And regardless of whether you think this will happen tomorrow or in a year, you cannot deny that there will be another recession.

Are you ready?


Building your nest against the next recession, or even retirement requires careful planning and a reasonable investment.

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Another way is to use all available retirement savings from tax savings. Most investors do not know that they can use their Health Savings Account (HSA) as a form of retirement savings because the funds are transferred year after year if they are not used.